GFRP Transformer Bushing

GFRP Transformer Bushing

    2.Rated Current :630~6000A 
3.1min power frequency dry (wet) voltage withstand: 155kV

Product Details


Transformer bushings are manufactured according to relevant international or national standards and / or according to the client's requirements for a given voltage level, amperage, creepage distance or length of the oil part of a bushing. In practice, porcelain bushings from renowned European manufacturers were the most effective. Besides bushings manufactured according to DIN and EN standard, Elektroporcelán Louny offers metallized bushings  plated with Copper or Zinc. Metallization of bushings is applied mainly due to reduction of radio interference (IEC 60437). The area for metallization is determined by drawings. Limits of the interference characteristics of insulators and testing voltage must comply with national regulations or agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer.

2.Main dimension

   Ⅰ.Condition for use 

      2.1 Suitable for power system between 12-550kV;

      2.2 Use both indoors and outdoors;

      2.3 Ambient Temperature: in+145℃to -200℃;

      2.4 Height:≤1000;(Additional design may be made for those above1000m)

      2.5 Installation angle:any angle;

      2.6 Contamination level:≥Ⅲ;

   Ⅱ.Main Technical Parameter

      2.7 Type:FEBR-72.5kV

      2.8 Rated Current :630~6000A

      2.9 I min power frequency dry (wet) voltage withstand: 155kV


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