GFRP Wall Bushing

GFRP Wall Bushing

2.Rated voltage(KV):252kV Nominal voltage (KV):220 KV
3.Rated Current(A):630~6000A
4.Partial discharge at rated voltage: ≤10pC

Product Details

Main performance Main dimension of GFRP Wall Bushing

   Ⅰ.Condition for use 

   1.Suitable for power system between 12-550kV

    2.Ambient Temperature: in145to 200℃;

    3.Use both indoors and outdoors

    4.Height1000(Additional design may be made for those above1000m)

    5.Installation angleany angle

    6.Contamination level

   Ⅱ.Main Technical Parameter of GFRP Wall Bushing


          2.Rated voltageKV):252kV      Nominal voltage (KV)220 KV

          3.Rated CurrentA):630~6000A

          4.Partial discharge at rated voltage: ≤10pC

          5.I min power frequency dry (wet) voltage withstand:460kV

          6.Full-wave impulse with stand voltage of lightning:1050kV

          7.Under 1.05 times of maximum phase voltage tan : ≤0.07

          8.Pollution Level:≥Ⅲ

          9.Bending resistant test load: 4000N

         10.Creepage Distance :7812mm



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