Substation Surge Arrester

Substation Surge Arrester

1.Good protection performance,high circulating capacity
2.Excellent silicon rubber material
3.Special technique and internal structure

Product Details

Substation Surge Arrester


Arrester is a kind of overvoltage protector mainly applied for the protechtion of various electrical appliances (such as transformer, switch, capacitor, trap, mutual inductor, generator, motor and power cable etc.) in power system, railway electrification system and communication system from being damaged by atmosphere overvoltage, operation overvoltage and power frequency temporary overvoltage etc.

2.The product characteristic:

Smaller in size,Light in weight,High withstand collision,Flexible installation, Particularly suitable for use in the switch cabin Special structure, the overall compression molding, no air gap, high sealing performance, moisture-proof explosion-proof large creepage distance , good hydrophobic, strong resistance to incompetence, stable performance and reduce operation and maintenance High performance zinc oxide varistor, high-capacity, low-leakage Real with DC reference voltage, square-wave-pass flow capacity and high current tolerance is higher than the national standard.

3.User Notice:

   3.1 Before installation,the arresters shall be stored in clean and dry rooms and kept away form the corrosions by corrosive gas or liquid.

   3.2 Before put into operation,preventative testing shall be made on the arrester.And after the arrester has been put into operation,regular testing shall be made as follows and follows and comparison shall be made with the data before the operation according to the attached table.(Every 5 years for arrester of 10kV or under,and every 2 year for arrester of 35kV and above)

      a. Measure the insulation resistance of the arrester;

      b. Measure the reference voltage of the arrester under direct current of 1mA

      c. Meausre the leak age current under the reference voltage of 0.75 time direct current of 1mA

Used in: 1. Distribution networks 2. Transmission line 3. Substation 4. Railway power station 5. Alternator and electromotor


5.Technical Specification:


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