Lightning Arrester 24KV/10kA

Lightning Arrester 24KV/10kA

1.Good protection performance,high circulating capacity
2.Excellent silicon rubber material
3.Special technique and internal structure

Product Details

Lightning Arrester 24KV/10kA

1.TID Surge Arrester
With a good reputation
With reliable quality of products
With rich experience in export 

2.Condition of use

The ambient air themperatures is no higher than +40°C,no lower than-40°C.

The altitude above sea level dose not exceed 2000m.

AC system frequency is 50HZ or 60HZ.

AC voltage brought to bear on arrester for a long time dose not exceed arrester’s continuous operating voltage.

Maximum wind speed dose not exceed 35m/s.

The earthquake intensity dose not exceed 7 degrees. 

3.The technical parameters of typical


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