Porcelain Fuse Cut Out with ARC Chute

Porcelain Fuse Cut Out with ARC Chute

1.Used to protect transformers or lines from short circuits and overloads and switching currents
2.Composed: insulator supports and a fuse tube
3.Extinguishing tube: phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass

Product Details


1.Different models option 
2.Good over-current protection 
3.Advanced design of fuse tube. 

4.10~66kV high voltage fuse cutout

dropout fuse cutout 

Outdoor high voltage dropout fuse is mainly used to protect distribution lines and transformers against overload and short-circuit damage. It can also be an overhead disconnection switch with the use of a portable load-break tool. 

1.Technical parameter

Max. operation voltage


Rated current

100A, 200A

Rated short-circuit breaking current

12.5KA, 16KA (4time)

AC voltage withstand (wet)


AC voltage withstand (dry)


Rated lightning impulse voltage withstand (phase to earth)

110 KV

Rated lightning impulse voltage withstand (phase to interrupting point)


Creepage-distance (Porcelain)


Creepage-distance (Silicon Rubber)




Ambient temperature


High Voltage porcelain/polymer Dropout Fuse Cutout with Arc Chute

Rated voltage : 35kV

Rated Current:100A,200A

Breaking Current:8000A

Impulse Voltage:170kV 

2.Product feature

   2.1 Precise and reasonable integral structure --- presents stable matching of all parts, flexible operating and provides the power line with reliable operation and manipulation with convenience. 

   2.2 All conductive parts are made of conductive pure copper, high elastic conductive copper alloys and processed with over 0.3mm silver-coating which improved the erosion resistance, reduce the contact resistance and temperature effect and increase the conductive performance.

   2.3Ultraviolet resistant and waterproof fuse tube --- presents wet-proof, undeformed, long service life and high strength. With the structure of exhausting gradually gas of two-end the fuse tube enhances the breaking capability of short-circuit current and breaks high and low short-circuit currents.

   2.4Anti-bird insulator ---  The silicon rubber insulating post provides the performances with dirty resistance, ultraviolet resistance, erosion resistance, anti-trace light weight, non-brittle and transportability. 

   2.5 beryllium bronze conducting plate --- presents strong mechanical elasticity, no spark while switching off and improves evidently the conducting capacity, contact stability and reliability of the fuse.

   2.6 Upper and lower copper supports---ensuring operation without shaking, rebounding or separating.

   2.7  High strength cast copper silver-plated trunnion and cast copper trunnion mortar---strong strength, precise matching, flexible operation, overcome the problem of swing of the fuse tube when switching on.

   2.8 Parallel groove connecting terminal---provides simple and reliable connection


3.Service condition:

   3.1Environmental temperature : -40 to 40°C

   3.2 Altitude <1000m

   3.3 Wnd speed no more than 35m/s

   3.4 Earthquake intensity no more than 8 degree.


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