High quality composite hollow core insulator

High quality composite hollow core insulator

1.Material :
*Core: fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin tube 
*Housing : HTV or LSR 
*Flange: Hot dip galvanization steel or aluminum alloy
2.Color: Grey
3.Application: Substation ,Surge Arrester, CT,CVT and cable termination
4.Customized hollow insulator

Product Details

1.Service Condition:

   1.1 Environment: Indoor or Out door

   1.2 Temperature:-40℃-+ 45℃;

   1.3 Altitude : ≤ 4000M.;

   1.4 Pollution Level: ;

   1.5 Application : Surge Arrester ,GIS ,Transformer or Cable Terminal.

2.Technical Character:

   2.1 Applied Standard:IEC 61462

   2.2 Material :  Housing : HTV or RTV  ,Core ,High strength fiberglass tube, Flange: Hot-dip galvanization steel or Aluminum Alloy.

   2.4 Voltage :From 11kV to 500KV.

   2.6 Bending Strength : from 6KN to 18KN .

3.We offer customized Products.

TP0018 11kV -500KVComposite Hollow Insulator -2.jpg

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