Distribution Dead End Insulator

Distribution Dead End Insulator

1.Advanced injection producing technology
2.Design of the shed adopt unique aerodynamics principle
3.ECR rod & HTV silicone rubber & hot dip Galvanizing steel fitting
4.Good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-pollution
5.Excellent electrical Performance

Product Details

1.Polymer Insulator Character:

   1.1 high mechanical strength;

   1.2 Good performance of hydrophobicity and anti-pollution;

   1.3 Excellent electrical Performance;

   1.4 Small volume and light weight.

2.TID polymer Insulator Character:

   2.1 We adopt the advanced injection producing technology for housing and the design of the shed adopt unique     aerodynamics principle.

    2.2 We use HTV silicone rubber which hydrophobicity can reach to HC1 level and thickness of the housing is more than 3mm .

    2.3 We use ECR rod as the core which is high acid resistant.

   2.4 We use hot dip Galvanizing steel fitting ,the thickness of the zinc more than 86μm.

    2.5 We adopt the advance fitting crimping producing technology .

   2.6 We adopt the unique notch design of the sealing of metal fitting, all the notch thickness keep the same which avoid the     sharp end discharge.

   2.7 We use HTV instead of the RTV seal the interface between the fitting and rod.

 3.Main Parameter:



TP0001 -Destribusion Dead End Insulator11kv-66kv -2.png

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