- Mar 14, 2018-

Similar to the foundations of overhead line structures,The stay wires and stay rods form an integral part of the integrity of the structure.These components,expecially the stay rods may also be affected by corrosion at the soil/air interfaces. The rate of corrosion of components imbedded in soil is generally related to the resistivity of the soil of which the latter is directly related to variables such as moisture content,pH,concentration and nature of various anions and cations,compaction,aeration. The characteristic having the most marked effect on resistivity is the moisture content of the soil

Porrly drained areas would have a significant effect of the rate of corrosion. If combined with run-off from agricultural of industrial plants the corrosion can be highly aggressive     

This form of corrosion can be minimised by the application of suitable petrolatum based wrapping systems.