- May 18, 2018-

High pressure warning device is installed on high voltage overhead transmission lines used for night with high-pressure warning marker.This product is installed directly on the high voltage overhead transmission line conductorthe system will be sent in the form of red flashing warning to prompt vehicles and pedestrians to stay away from here and reduce safety accidents.When there are objects close to the device, the system will automatically send warning voice, prevent the misoperation, eg: cranes and other aerial work equipment.


1.Applicable to 10 kv ~ 1000 kv power transmission lines, wide use range.

2.Advantage:The products has the same potential with lines,simple to use,reliable and don’t affect the safe operation of the installation line.LED lights flashing,when there is line with electrical equipment, LED lights flashing.

3.This product use the anticorrosion technology, in the rain, snow, ice, oil and other complex climate,its properties do not change, and have long life and good performance.

4.Detection range: 4 meters, adjustable, alarm sound > 95 db

   Obstruction LED lights .jpg