Straight Ladder

Straight Ladder

1.Light Weight,High Strength
3.Low Maintenance

Product Details

Straight Ladder

Straight Ladder is with the strong points of high strength, easy assembly, non rust, and maintenance free.

1.Advantages of FRP Ladder 
   1.1 Light Weight,High Strength 
   1.2 Insulation 
   1.3 Low Maintenance 
   1.4 Anti-corrosion

FRP Ladder:

FRP Ladder are made of pultruded FRP profiles. They were designed to provide that could be supplied across a range of industries and uses. And they were easy to customise ladders. They could be widely used in the family, factory, electric industry and fire protection as uphill tools and so on.

FRP Ladder Properties:

1.Non-Conductive Heat& Electric

2.Light Weight and High Strength

3.Corrosion Resistance

4.Non Slip& Waterproof

5.Wide Selection of Colors

FRP Ladder Style:

1.Single Ladder

2.Folding Ladder

3.Platform Ladder

4.Step Ladder

5.Platform Step Ladder

6.Double Extension Ladder

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