Soft Rope Insulation Ladder

Soft Rope Insulation Ladder

1.light weight,high strength
2.excellent anti-corrosion performance
3.electric and sound insulation

Product Details

Soft ladder / Escape ladder

1.Main Material :

  Step: Anti-slip fiberglass square tube in yellow 

  Frame :  High strength Rope

  Soft ladder: ISO certificate 

  Space between Rung:30cm


  Dielectrical Test: 30kV

  High Flexible and it can be used in more complex condition.

  Anti Slip of Step

  Insulation Between Rungs:30kV

  High mechanical Strength

 High Resistant to bad weather and corrosion element

3.Technical Detail:

4.Safety Note:

  Please inspect the ladder every year regularly to guarantee the ladder in well condition.

  Please follow the ladder and live line work operation regulation when use it.

  Please protect the ladder avoid the damage and moisture which will affect the insulation level.

  Please inspect the ladder main body and parts according to GB17620-2008 or  EN 131 before use it ,If there is any defects or crack ,Please don’t use it.


  Height can be customized 
  Convenient to use

  Color:white or can be customized

  Rope Material:Silk / Nylon / Polyamide rope and so on.

  Rung Material:Wood rung or FRP rung 


  Length:10m.15m.20m.30m.40m.50m or can be customized.

  Load capacity: 350 kg 

  Package:Carton package or bags package.

  Life time: 5-6years


  Mainly used in rescue and evacuation and other emergencies 


  High strength, low elongation, wear-resistant, soft and smooth, easy operation

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