Fiberglass Joint Insulation Ladder

Fiberglass Joint Insulation Ladder

1.Dielectrical Test: 30kV
2.Insulation Between Rungs:30kV
3.Anti Slip of Step
4.High Mechanical resistant to bending and twist
5.High Resistant to bad weather and corrosion element

Product Details

1.fiberglass FRP professional insulation multifunctional joint ladders


fiberglass FRP professional insulation multifunctional joint ladders


2.Features of insulation multifunctional joint ladders

   2.1 It is made of glass fiber and  epoxy resin ,excellent insulation performance ;

   2.2 Through machine pultrusion technology ,steady performance;

   2.3 Non-conductive .

   2.4 All aluminum alloy parts through Surface anodized handle ,shaft steel surface with coating protection;

   2.5 Insulating laminated material making parts all through insulating paints treatment ;

   2.6 Ladder rung,ladder foot with anti-slip design and not easy to fatigue even through long time working.

   2.7  Lower water absorption ,good flame retardanc

   2.8 High strength,light weigh

   2.9 Ladder frame is square tube design,four section bearing stress,good anti-bending performance,not easy to deformation.

   2.10 Ladder frame and ladder rung are Semi-penetrating connection ,and also adopts whole cutting technology to reinforce the ladder ,make its beautiful appearance 

fiberglass FRP professional insulation multifunctional joint ladders

3.Usage of insulation multifunctional joint ladders:

FRP Isulated Ladder/joint ladder Mainly used for electric supply project , Telecommunications Engineering,electric power project,hydroelectric project etc. Industry used as climbing tool

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