TID Technology Development Co.,Ltd

TID Tech was founded in 1998. After years of technical experience accumulated and development,TID Tech succeed in manufacture high voltage tranmission and distribusion line products up the 750kV. TID Tech have insulator and fittings ,bushing and live line tool business unit with450 diligent employees and 40 experienced engineers.The products include composite suspension/tension insulator and fittings,composite station/switch insulator, fuse cut outand surge arrester ,polymer station bushing

Hot Products

    • Polymer Post Insulator

      Polymer Post Insulator

      1.Top and bottom fitting can be used interchangeably
      2.Performance is stable and reliable
      3.ECR rod & HTV silicone rubber & hot dip Galvanizing steel fitting
      4.Standard: IEC61109

    • Composite Hollow Insulator

      Composite Hollow Insulator

      1.Material :
      *Core: fiberglass reinforced epoxy resin tube 
      *Housing : HTV or LSR 
      *Flange: Hot dip galvanization steel or aluminum alloy
      2.Color: Grey
      3.Application: Substation ,Surge Arrester, CT,CVT and cable termination
      4.Customized hollow insulator